WARNING: Never open an account with Ecobank Ghana especially ACCRA MALL BRANCH

Yes, I should have changed banks many moons ago, but opening an account in any bank in Ghana is so cumbersome. I went to Fidelity Bank and asked what I needed to open an account there and they asked for about 20 passport pictures, someone who has an account there to write a letter to say that no you are not a money launderer but want a legitimate account, the lady at the bank read out the list of items required, but she lost me at passport pictures. So laziness kept me continuing transactions with what is probably the worst bank in Ghana.

So what have they done now. I go back in time to April. My bonus had arrived and so I transferred some money into my Ecobank sterling account and the same banks USD account. It was a bit above my normal transfer but I also had a bit of money to play with. I stupidly didn’t check the transaction, the main thing for me was that I had enough money to cover the mortgage and I only had an hours lunch break so was in a hurry to get back to the office.

Fast forward to January 2013. I get a call from Ernestina at the branch in Accra Mall. Apparently the teller managed to do the sterling transfer alright back in April, but instead of dividing by the rate she actually multiplied (hence they overpaid me), now I was indebted to them by the tune of 1,200GHS. How did they find this out, by an audit done in December. Yes, the idiots didn’t realise the mistake until 8 months later.

It’s January, after the christmas, I paid out a lot of money and have exactly 385GHS in my account which is to last me until the end of the month. Of course I was mad with rage that this mistake has been bought to my attention almost a year later. What more, there was no apology but accusations. First of all, they blamed me for not bringing the transaction to their attention. Now here’s the deal. I check the account days before I get paid to see my balance and had been putting in a bit more each month, so the following month when I was in credit I didn’t think much of it.

A guy called Daniel then accused me of “conniving with the teller”. Now really, my mortgage balance is in the region of $30k if I’m going to be so underhanded will I do so for a mere $2k.

After a round of insults I said I will come into the bank the following day to discuss. In my mind I had accepted my role in this whole mess for not checking and was going there in good faith to come up with a payment plan to get this mess resolved. I get there however and am met by the branch manager Tina. A burly woman, probably frustrated at home so likes to show her powers in the office. I am greeted again with no apology but a condescending lecture that even if the rate was 1:1 I should have known that I was overpaid. The bitch then implied that I knew that I was overpaid but chose to say nothing.

Now anyone that knows me knows that I believe in equity. If I even pay for a can of coke and you over pay me I would give back the money. I am just too honest. The fact that I am so honest is the reason I have basically started from the beginning in my career since I moved from London to Ghana. But I digress.

What annoyed me was when this Daniel fella tells me that if they had underpaid me, wouldn’t I expect my money back. The fact is, I wouldn’t expect my bank to make such a colossal mess in the freaking first place mate.

It ended with me saying I would pay the money back over a period (it took 8 months to realize the mistake, what’s a few more months to get the money back). Tina said she would have to speak to her superiors (still no apology).

Two days later and I didn’t here from the old witch so called back for an update. She was rather abrupt and as defensive as the day I went to the bank (have to add they kept me waiting 15 minutes while they whispered amongst each other before they called me in). She said she would get back to me. I said she should do that and I also wanted an apology for the inconvenience this has caused (if you don’t ask?). She said she would get back to me on that one also.

After she slammed the phone down (there was no goodbye). I dialled the complaints department. Had she been a bit humble admitted the mistake and come up with a reasonable solution, I would have probably let it go. But her attitude was, she didn’t care if I was in the red, her so purpose was to do this reversal and well basically she treated me like I was a criminal. Customer service at its best.

I got a call from Ecobank yesterday asking for more details and an apology. But now this has become personal. Efia v Tina. I want my apology.

As for me and Ecobank, well I’m just going to have to get those passport pictures and whatever else is needed because the sooner I stop doing business with them, the better.

Customer Service at its best!


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  1. Yaa says:

    argh, I feel your pain, voluntarily being stuck with ecobank for the mere reason of procrastination and fidelity’s incredible demands to open an account, they even wanted me to draw a map from the bank to my house. The last time I was badly treated by an ecobank staff, I complained and received a call from both the accused and someone from the complaints department to apologise so your apology call should be coming through. But really you would expect the branch to accept some responsibility.

    • efiasworld says:

      Thank you Yaa, yes I was also asked to draw the map from the bank to my house (still don’t get it but I have to remember that this is Ghana). Unfortunately more people don’t make good use of the complaints dept so people like this bitter woman and her ducklings think they can pick and choose their customers in which to give service to. But I await the apology. Time to sit up and wake up those artistic skills. Have ma a map to draw…lol

      • Geli says:

        Ich hätte gerne gewusst ob es in der Ecobank folgende Person
        Dr. Kofi Asareh
        Department of Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
        Ecobank Ghana Ltd
        Tel: +233 244527896
        als leitender Dirctor gibt

      • Richmond Rahim says:

        Not only ECOBANK . HFC Bank is also another.

    • Geli says:

      Ich hätte gerne gewusst, ob diese Person der Director von der Ecobank Ghana ist
      Dr. Asareh Kofi
      Department of Automated teller machine (ATM)
      Ecobank Ghana Ltd.
      Tel: +233 244527896
      Wer gibt mir eine Antwort

  2. Cat says:

    Ecobank are a freaking nightmare. I have had nothing but endless problems with them. I would never recommend anyone opens a bank account with them. The Nigerian banks like Zenith or GT bank are so much better.

    • efiasworld says:

      I’ll not disagree with you there Cat!

    • Nana Ekua says:

      Ecobank is really a FREAKING nightmare. They fail to bring customers up to date with changes in their systems, and they make customers pay for their inefficiencies. Messing up all your budget schedules and all. What do we do with the bank in Ghana at all? They chase the living day out of you to save with them and when you do, they subject you to all sorts of things and leave you to your fate. I need to rethink!

  3. Christian-Nigeria says:

    Since I got to Ghana, I’ve noticed a kind of extremely poor customer service delivery. From vodafone, to arikair, to supermarkets etc. They are so poor. I thought we aren’t doing good enough in Nigeria, but we are far ahead of Ghana in terms of customer services.
    Thanks for this info. Was looking forward to opening an eco bank account. I don’t think I will do that again.

    • efiasworld says:

      I have been to Nigeria a few times and I cannot fault customer service, my Ghanaian brothers and sisters in the service industry could really learn a lesson.

      • ashiokai says:

        Oh my gosh anywhere i go in Ghna be it shoprite melcom banks etc … i end up in an argument and my last words will be you all need training in customer service !! so frikking annoying! but love Ghana born and bred in uk but half ghanaian wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else! .. been here 6 months so far so goodish lol

      • efiasworld says:

        It is nothing if not an adventure experiencing the Ghanaian hospitality….lol, Akwaaba (even though it’s been 6 months) and hope you keep on enjoying our lovely motherland

    • Abigail says:

      Hello there,
      I think Ecobank has a responsibility where as you do too. It is every customer’s duty to check for accuracy. I understand we are humans and since we are bound to make mistakes, there should always be a way to apologize. I don’t think someone’s experience with a bank will be the same as yours. If we have ethics and behave well, no matter how abusive the other person may be, you will surely get your apology or perhaps he or she may realize his or her mistakes. The branch would have been blamed and queried for the mistake that occurred and so they only have to put in effort to rectify them as early as possible to their superiors. As it is, the bank deals with their customer’s finances and so will have to guarantee it’s safety. I entreat all customers to be patient and considerate with the banks. I am sorry for any inconvenience. I am also a loyal customer and a student of banking and finance. Thank you!

      • efiasworld says:

        Hi Abigail. Thank you for your post. Just want to make things clear.

        1. I accepted that it was human error on both my part and the tellor (maybe you missed that)

        2. I tried to rectify this with both the manager and follow up calls

        3. Ecobank took the money anyway

        4. I think I mentioned the bank I had issue with

        5. As someone who has worked in the service industry for many years. Rule 101….if someone hae had good service they tell maybe 1 person. If they have bad service they would tell more than 10. It’s path of the course and this forum allows others to also share there experience.

        I wish you well in your career but please know that once you move from “student” to working…theory will become a thing of the past when dealing with actual customer issues.

      • Abigail says:

        Thanks dear. I will consider all your words.

      • Abigail says:

        hi name sake
        to be honest ,you sound more like a staff than the student you are…….
        Anyway dear,as a banking and finance student,is customer care not above anything else ?
        can you imagine how this singular events will affect your bank?
        let’s face it:it always look like they are doing us a favor and the few bankers who exhibit them are termed weak
        Do you also know how many people have had this treatment but fail to write about it?

      • Akosua says:

        If u talk of safety then they dont practice it. After 1y n u still talk safety? U give a cash cheque to someone who oays it in unknowingly. Then dat bank accepts d cash cheque knowing very well it cant go thru clearing. Surprisingly ur bank calls the next day to alert u that d cheque was a cash cheque. Imagine. Only lazy students r being employed these days. I have too many bad experiences with different banks that i. Lost count.

      • erick says:

        sister stop that…..ecobank’s staff are unproffesionals…i wonder ther kinda training they go through

  4. yaadobs says:

    I have been here just a year after living in the UK for 32 yrs. Guess what! I was thinking of returning until I came across your blog. And now! Am not so sure. I am just loving reading your blog. And in response to ashiokai, don’t worry, I feel the same way as you do. Customer service is virtually non-existent.

    • efiasworld says:

      Hello, thanks for reading my blog…and please do stay, I am still praying for a “better Ghana”…hopefully with more returnees it can happen…lol

    • liz says:

      Don’t go I am in the uk now just a few weeks (thankfully) have some loose ends to tie up!!! oh my gosh i now hate it itso doesn’t feel like home no more everyone is miserable so much has changed in six months and everything is so expensive! wow not to mention its sooooo cold i know british weather has always been unpredictable but this is taking the p@!s……. cant wait to get back home!!!

      Ghana all the way and yes lets all return and make ghana better.
      ps: i think later in the year we should have some little returnee gatherings catch up gossip moan and a drink what you all think come on 😉

      • efiasworld says:

        Hey dear

        Thanks. I think I just need a few weeks in the cold (never thought I’d hear myself say that) to catch up with my family and friends and I’m just being a miserable cow…haha.

        I think a gathering sounds like a plan.

        Hope all is well with you x

  5. yaadobs says:

    Lol! I hope so. You are such an inspiration that I guess I will stick around for a while.

  6. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s
    new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and
    checking back frequently!

  7. Femi says:

    Hi there. An interesting read. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind; please contact me via email. I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria but have some Ghanian bank related questions.

  8. Abenaa says:

    That’s better,do you know the new thing ECOBANK does now,u get money gram or western union and when you get to ECOBANK they tell you someone has already picked it up,the bank teller guys connive to steal your money right under your nose,ECOBANK is the WORST bank in Ghana!they are thieves in suit!!!!!!

  9. adelaide says:

    hhmmm this really sucks!!! I also had a bad experience with ecobank TEMA MAIN branch where i was rudely told my check book worth 9gh was burned to ashes bcos i ddnt have the time to come for it…for once Ghana Commercial Bank is better..I was also rudely talked to by teller 6 for not havn a check book and the next tym she sldnt serve me…ECOBANK is JUST FULL OF STUPID PPLE WIF NO MANNERS!!!

  10. Norbert Ankoma says:

    Go to Guarantee Trust Bank my dear. They offer superior banking service!

  11. jay j says:

    Yh, we all knw Ecobank stinks!!! Opened an account wid fidellity and dey made me draw de map too. wen i ws dan, dey wer bord! hey it aint my fault de route to ma home looks like a jigsaw puzzle yea!!! lol

  12. Lexis says:

    I can’t believe Ecobank is still the WORST leading Bank is Africa. The self imposed title of “The PAN African Bank” should be officially stripped. They are real jokers. Wonder if their Board get to know all this maltreatment and still goes ahead paying them every month with the profit they gain from the same people they maltreat like they mean nothing to them. The main thing is most government institution like the Bank of Ghana who is make sure customer’s right are taken serious rather does nothing, not to even reply to take action against some of these banks who think there is no law to bind them too.
    I was mistakenly paid twice by Ecobank to my bank Stanbic. Although my company issued a single check, they mistakenly doubled it. I sent the below to them and until date no one has even bothered to reply or assist with the issue. I cannot express my hatred for this bank, but i know one day it would be their turn. I currently have evidence in my Stanbic account statement showing I was double paid but nothing to show the money has been reverted. Meaning one day somewhere, Ecobank can come bank denying ever reverting the money.
    “Hi Sir/Madam,
    Words might not be able to describe my feelings but I will manage to stay on course to pass my complaint across.
    It’s been alleged(as I did receive this info this afternoon) by ecobank that I was double paid in December 2013.
    Newmont does lot of payment to its employees around November and December. Ecobank Ghana would testify to this.
    My bank(Stanbic Ghana) and my Employer (My Employer’s Name) have confirmed not issuing a double payment to my account.
    My findings also revealed that ecobank knew of this mistake way back in December 2013 but as far as am concern no action was taken as Ecobank is the middle bank between my back(Stanbic Ghana) and My employers(My Employers Name).
    I do acknowledge that once a client noticed any unknown transaction it’s his or her duty to contact the back and same goes to the banks as well.
    If all the above are untrue please prove otherwise, but if truly they are as stated I will like to get answers to the below as soon as possible before deciding on my next line of action:
    1. When did ecobank know it has made a mistake with double payment
    2. What is the laid down procedures for such a mistake, thus with reference to the 3rd party banks and the client(Myself)
    3. Why since December 2013 till today am writing this complaint no entity has contacted or informed me of mistakes found with transactions made through my bank(Stanbic Ghana) to my Salary Account
    4. Why Salary issued by my employers(My Employers Name) to my account through my bank(Stanbic) had different amount(ref. attached) than advise provided to me by my employer.
    5. Why didn’t I receive same amount as stated in the advice from my employer.
    6. Why was action taken in point 4 not even communicated to the client(Myself) who is at the receiving end of the service chain with reference to Ecobank been the middle bank for my employer.
    7. Why should my family and I pay at the expense of ecobank’s mistake of double paying into my account and without any communication either to myself, through my Bank or through my employers.”

    • efiasworld says:

      It’s amazing…..I wonder if anyone even read this letter….smh

    • william says:

      I live in Nebraska my bank 118 years in my town no problem there I walk in smile there I go to the teller tell her or him what I need because when I started there they took my picture so when I go in a camera sees me and oks me and let’s me get what I need no problem

  13. Queen says:

    There has been some small detuctions in my money abd i dont know why.I will be very grate ful if things are being explain for that. Thanks

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  16. Larry says:

    Ecobank…they’re just fools.

    • Winston says:

      Yep. I totally agree. Ecobank is pure shit. I asked them to transfer money to my account in the UK. After 2 weeks of not receiving the money, they say their intermediary bank ‘Natwest’ has misplaced the funds. So until they find the money I should just wait. I’m making a lot of noise now. Hopefully I should be credited and will close my account.
      They are a bunch of idiots. I wish I could get the MD’s number or email address to tell him how fucking useless he and the bank he runs are.

      • efiasworld says:

        Yeah that happened to me once but I knew somebody who worked there and she sorted it out….Unfortunately she doesn’t work there anymore but I suggest you find someone high enough and make a lot of noise because it is somebody’s laziness I am sure…lol….

  17. Angel says:

    Oush! Wish i heard of dis earlier…..am plaining coming to ghana n ah jes opened an account wid d so called Ecobank……..

  18. Johng667 says:

    Magnificent site. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks in your sweat! faegebfageca

  19. kobi says:

    I went to receive money from the branch off lapaz-abeka road adjescent to standard chartered.my mother sent me $1200 and they gave me 3791ghc…the dollar as at time of sending 5 september was 3.50 to a dollar which your bank confirmed before the transaction on saturday 6 @ 12pm ….so do the maths 1200 by 3.50 equals wat?????? Shame ecobank you are all thieves……samething happened at motorway branch.buying 3.10 to a dollar.BOG IS A JOKE AND FOOLish to think they can manupulate the fx-ĕxchange
    God will surely disgrace you all.

  20. Tatiana says:

    Need to get your opinion on doing Business in Accra Ghana, a bit urgent, huge thanks in Advance

  21. Adwoa Agyemany Osei says:

    You are quiet kind. I would have taken threatened legal actions for using my account for such nonsense or pay them within the months it took them to notice their mistake and that would be done after a formal apology from them. Ghana customer service needs to be handled with aggressiveness because the people who are in such services are terrible.

    They are so lucky they didn’t encounter me. They know me pretty well at the Tema branches, (C11, C6 and Tema Main) that nonsense doesn’t pass my backyard.

  22. Was trying to open an account, but after reading your post I just changed my mind, which bank do you think is the best?…..help me please it urgent!

  23. i hate ecobank too says:

    ecobank is just a shitty bank. havs had so many problems with them also

  24. Mohammed says:

    My Ecobank ATM card got captured in a Barclays machine. I followed up with my local Ecobank Madina branch to retrieve it for me and guess what! Two years have passed and they’re still working on it. They cant even say something reasonable to let me know progress on the followup. I have long given up. I am so happy now with Access Bank.

  25. frederick amoh says:

    OMG, i wish i have red all this before subjecting myself to this crucial pain, i thought i’m the only one kept in this mess…. but boy oooh boy. enough said.

  26. AKA says:

    YOU just reminded me of Ghana commercial bank they are also freaks. they have poor customer service. i once walked out of GCB branch, cape coast because the customer attendants mistreated me. i hate them really bad. they once sent me an SMS of some abbreviation which i didn’t understand and they deducted part of money. i once applied for Cheque book and it never came meanwhile the cost of the cheque book was been deducted from my account bal. and when i went there in about three months they told me they can’t find it so i should i apply for another one, they think am a fool so they will rededuct me again i told her mommy thank please am leaving…this really sucks…things ain’t right in Ghana. poor customer service no wonder what we learn at school is not befitting to our country…#bitchesGCB. well i came across this blog when i was searching about the fastest growing banks in Ghana because i want to save in another bank. thanks Efia.

  27. mahama says:

    all justify

  28. Erica Obeng says:

    Well I save with Ecobank… I love the fact that they have a lot of ATM machines but unfortunately most of them are inactive. They always have network problem especially the branch on Legon Campus. Maybe they should check that too

  29. Kathleen Mary jenkins says:

    I need to find out if there is actually an account open in my name in this bank. I have invested money for a account that might be a scam. Please check this out and get back with me asap

    • efiasworld says:

      Hi dear, I am just writing my views on a service, I am sorry I can’t help but I do not actually work for the bank. All the best though

      • Aggie says:

        Thanks for your views. Can you image Enterprise Insurance mistakenly paid me twice (i.e. in excess of almost ghs4,000) for my insurance claim they processed in November 2016. I went there in December 2016 to give them a cheque to refund the amount, they accepted their mistake but no “thank you”

        As as today 2nd April 2017, the amount is still lying in my Account. It keeps reducing due to bank charges so I guess they cannot cash now. I don’t intend rewriting another cheque.

        When I need money, I will go for it. Thanks for being bold to speak out, enough of the rubbish.

      • efiasworld says:

        oh well, you tried 🙂

  30. Kofi Frank says:

    Well Efia,
    May be this is a late comment but I just want to acknowledge that I share your pain.
    I am actually thinking of going to Ecobank as my fourth bank since 2013 because of similar experiences.
    Enjoy this list
    1. How about having to re-submit your application to re-open/reactivate your account every 6 months or so without explanation
    2. If international transfers are acknowledged with exchange rate details
    3. Requests for e-banking and notification services are politely received but never processed.
    4. Phone calls to head offices and branches are never answered.

    I learned about Ecobank through my contractor.
    My international transfers were deposited into my contractor’s account within 24 hours with the most detailed email notification – value of foreign currency received, rate of exchange applied and value of Cedi deposited.

    May be you should just sort things out with your Ecobank or change branch instead of bank.

  31. m s sinare says:

    ecobank is not as bad as you guys thinking off, they have a perfect service, i live in europe every month they send me statement of account and i have internet banking to do all my transaction and all is perfect,

    • efiasworld says:

      My issue was/is with the customer facing service and human interaction or lack thereof. However thank you for your feedback. I am glad you have not had any issues

    • Fred says:

      hello, how do u contact them from here, i am also in europe(UK) with internet banking enabled and i have a problem with my account. Thank you

  32. Junior says:

    hmm..indeed very very poor customer service..am a living proof myself.. i’ve experienced it soo many times..especially the ecobank at the A&C shopping mall branch…had a problem with my e zwich card..i couldnt withdraw when i had about a thousand plus ghana cedis..went there for assistance and they made me wait from 9am to 3pm thereabout without attending to me..and when they finally did they where talking trash about they not having my info on their system..i havent withdrawn the money up to now…and one guy by the name Kenneth Owusu whose always been crowded by favouritism ..he attends to d big men befr whoever despite whoever came first…this shouldnt b condoned…Everybody is equal because we all save in the bank nobody needs to be treated specially . He oughts to be kicked out and one other slim n tall dude who disrespected me..hes lucky i dont remember his name…wud have put it up. This isnt fair at all really..am hoping to move my savings to another bank soon and close my ecobank account..

  33. nessabillz09 says:

    I am at the bank with my dearly beloved friend.
    Her elder brother sent her N30K to my account this morning and she has Ghc490 (Ghc40 underpaid).Sitting here and trying to rack my brain on how so much was deducted from so little a transfer is killing me. The rate is only 0.0185 to N1. Thank you so much for this article. You have opened my eyes to the idiocy of Ecobank.

  34. lol. I adore Miley! She’s so wild

  35. Seth says:

    I received money from a friend in holland to prefinance a surgery on my toddler boy At a bank in Accra (i withold name of bank as i soon report to BNI or MD of bank) i filled a form as usual with ID to cash money Teller opened transaction and asked for serious spelling of sender name I did that on a new form and gave it to teller to pay back only to be told my mtcn number was wrong Serious]!!! After seing details mtcn number wrong I was asked to call sender to check number It was perfect .Yet still teller denied me because number was wrong I sent WU receipt the next day still Teller said number was wrong . I went to a bank to cash money with the same number There i was told my money paid out I went to another bank for confirmation. Teller confirmed and advised me to go and complain to the manager of the bank where i was manhandled He butterfly has not helped mattrs and threatened me All he said was sender reports to WU .. Sad to sãy for over two months now WU has not helped matters by sending proof of payment to sender though she ha

  36. Alba K Sumprim says:

    Our beloved Ecobank. I’m still only with this bank because of my own laziness. This is my painful Ecobank story. A few years ago, I travelled with my handy Visa card in tow. It worked fine at all ATM machines in Afghanistan, the dollars rolled out. It worked fine in all ATM machines in India (downside, they only pay in Rupees) and then I arrived in Ethiopia with 15 dollars in my pocket and my trusted Ecobank card. I booked into a hotel and the next day went to make travel arrangements to go to Lalibela. I put my card in the ATM machine and nada. I spent the whole day getting to know Addis Ababa in the process. I came back empty handed. I called the gentleman who handles my account – on MTN roaming, at about 2 Cedis a minute – and he talked to me like I was a fool. ‘Are you sure you’re using the card correctly?’ I nearly burst a blood vessel as I clamped down on my jaws. ‘Yes, I believe I know how to use a card in an ATM.’ He checked my account and I had more than enough money, so lack of money wasn’t the problem. This misery continued for three days, where I also ate little as I didn’t have money, but thankfully, no one at the hotel was going to demand money until I checked out.
    Ecobank then suggested I open an account in Ethiopia, I explained that would be difficult. Their next suggestion was I should befriend someone and ask if I could have my money transferred into their account. As he said this, the scenario probable ensuring scenario flashed before me, “What money? I don’t know you!” As I tried, probably shrieking like a demented Greek chorus, explaining to the Ethiopian police that I had transferred my money into some stranger’s bank account. “Madam, are you correct in the head?” Again Ecobank schooled me in how to use a card in a ATM machine, and other theories that included me being the problem. I could see the rest of my trip going down the pan, and that’s when I started threatening the man who handles my account. I told him if I didn’t get the opportunity to visit Lalibela, Axum, Gondar etc, I would have his job and probably his neck, when I returned to Ghana. For some strange reason it got him off his arse. But not being one to have too much trust nowadays, I contacted a friend in the UK who sent me some cash and I was able to have a great trip. A few days later, in Gondar, a little voice said, ‘Try your card!” So I did. A silence, followed by a ‘whirring’ sound and hey presto, crisp new Birrs fell out. Happy days.
    On my return to Ghana, I made a formal complaint to Ecobank, but I’m not holding my breath for an apology – because one hasn’t come in all these years. The only solution is to stop procrastinating and find a better bank.

  37. Andre says:

    Hi, does someone has experience with Standard Chartered Bank in Accra ? Thanks.

  38. eye1 says:

    Charlie, i cant stop shaking my head. Ecobank is a total failure i agree with everyone and any one who shares that view.
    I opened an account using a yahoo mail address, strangely the account gets blocked and so i waste my time on several occasions to join a queue at the Madina branch filling forms for my details to be updated with a new email address and boi!! for several years running it has not been changed not even up till this point.
    I keep getting messages at the beginning of each new month that my bank statement has been sent to my old email address, these people are jokers they can keep my change and the account.

    Second incident: a friend of mine has her salary paid through Ecobank and i escorted her to the branch she opened the account (the same infamous madina branch) to apply for a loan when she was in dire need of some extra cash and guess what?
    we were told that we can only apply for the loan on condition that her account is changed to a current account. This is sooooo unbelievable but true and so my friend and i walk out disappointed, go to the opposite side of the road where Standard chartered is located and voila she is granted a loan even though she has no account with Stanchart.
    PANAFRICAN bank indeed!

  39. Ama says:

    Ecobank over the years have become so so so complacent. They have climbed the ladder to the top and they feel that’s just it. They easily forget that it’s this same customers who brought them to where they currently are. Last time I was in Ghana I was just so passed earing a customer service guy in Osu branch talk rubbish with a customer and very insisting on the trash. Things like this seriously gets me thinking.

  40. Arthur says:

    Thanks for the information. I’m planning to relocate to Ghana to setup business, I will really like to know the best bank to bank with in Ghana, bank that charge low on there visa card and also how long it take for one to get his or her visa card after apply


  41. Philip says:

    Eco bank Ghana is full of shit and thieves, A friend bought Toyota car engine from me which his brother transfer the money to my Eco bank account from Canada, I gave them a week to test on the car engine which everyone knows, But after one month the came back to my shop saying the engine have break down and demand their money back, which i said no way because it never done anywhere, after a week i found out that some money was debited from my account and Eco bank didn’t call me or ask for authorization and when i asked they told me the person who sent money in my account recalled the fund back after one month and Eco bank sent it back to him without my knowledge , Now i lost both my engine and money, Please is this right to do? How can Eco bank sent back money from my account back to sender?

  42. Mimosas says:

    I came across this blog while searching for an ATM in Accra where I can withdraw some money but in U.S. Dollars. After reading some of the comments, I suspected that most of you have lived outside(USA /Europe) before. In those countries, their slogan is: “Customer First” or “Custome is always right” so when you come to Ghana to see the opposite, you get frustrated, discouraged and don’t want to deal with any business or institution. Customer service in Ghana is very poor and needs to improve. When you complain, they tell you point blank that ” this is not America”. I get so irritated each time I hear that. I have frequently been coming to Ghana/ Cote d’Ivoire since 2010 and only God knows how many times I have argued with people at hospitals, banks, stores, lorry stations etc.
    Regarding Ecobank, I have been with them since 2010( Sunyani Branch) and I have not yet encountered any problem with them. I have 2 accounts with them: one in Ghana Cedis and the other in U.S. Dollars. I live in the U.S. State of North Carolina and whenever I have an issue, I email them and always get a reply from them. If the issue can not be solved through email, they ask for my U.S. telephone number and they call me. Customer Service issue in Ghana is very frustrating and can even get worse if you fall in the hands of a bad person. I also have accounts with NIB and Societe Generale(both Sunyani Branches). Everytime I walk in any of those banks, I get a warm welcome(especially from the ladies. (lol)and get treated well.
    On a personal note, I have noticed that when dress up and look hood, people in my surrounding get intimidated and when that happens, I get attention and more respect.
    Mimosas writing from King David Hotel, Accra

  43. Twinkle says:

    I dont bank with Ecobank but just had to read the entire article as I found your writing skills so alluring. I could picture everything you wrote and sometimes giggled or frowned as i could relate to some of the scenarios. i do hope you managed to open an account with another bank.

  44. Nnenna says:

    Ecobank Nigeria is such an irresponsible bank as far as i know. I operate my salary account in ecobank (what a huge mistake); then my organisation sent me on a course abroad that will last for one year. Before i traveled, i went to ecobank to ensure my mastercard will be able to withdraw cash when i get here. I was told that every thing was fine, i could make withdrawals from any were in the world. I used the card only once, and it stopped withdrawing. I have sent several e-mails to eco-bank help desk with no solution in view. So now i am abroad and cannot use my money. What an archaic bank with archaic systems. Customer service folks are completely clueless; i dont blame them as they may be lacking the necessary motivation for good performance. Please never open an account with eco-bank everyone!!!! You will get too many frustrations!

  45. Iyke says:

    Africa has no banks! The banking system in Africa is serving the interest of the dons: USD, GBP, EUR, CHF etc!! Or can you show me a bank in Africa or any African nation where you can open account in another african nation’s currency other than the currency of the nation of domicile? Can you transfer any african currency from one african country to another?

    All african banks exist to serve the interest of the white man!! So don’t be so aggrieved by your experience. I have see as much too! But if you feel that bad, seek a lawyer’s advice.

  46. Thomas says:

    omg…Ecobank Gh is full of criminals,i guess & now mtn Ghana has partnered with them for a product they call ‘Tbill 4 all’. it’s been two weeks now since i purchased some bills & i haven’t recieved any confirmation of purchase. I called the customer care and they keep telling me it’s under process so i should wait another week. Is this normal or i should assume my money has been stolen since the guyz(ecobank) are good at stealing

    • efiasworld says:

      Hi Thomas, I would keep following up. I really wish I could give you further advise or words of encouragement but this is Ghana after all. I am sure it will get done eventually, it is just going to take time so make sure that you are on their radar until it does. Hope that helps.

  47. Beth says:

    Hi Dears,

    Sorry I am late here. I have serious issues with Ecobank now. I have sent emails to my account manager, called her and till today, I haven’t received any response. I called Ecobank 0302213999 and the woman at the other end took my number and promised that someone will be in touch – Till today, nada. Does anyone have an email address or phone number I could use? Do you have the contact details of any Ecobank staff responsible for Diaspora accounts? Please help a sister as I have had up to my neck.

  48. exposeevil says:

    I’m so glad I came across this post.
    I was thinking of opening an account with Ecobank…I guess I won’t do that anymore.

  49. Austin says:

    I feel your pain… Ecobank has many silly employees, my experience was at Osu branch.i needed to make some urgent withdrawal for medical bills,to cut the story short let’s just say it took me 3 freaking hours. Yes..its that crazy

  50. erick says:


  51. Del H says:

    thank you so much I was just thinking of opening an account with them (ecobank) but NO MORE!!!, my money will stay with me here in the UK for now!! thanks again

  52. John Paul says:

    Hmm! Ecobank. Ecobank. Ecobank. This bank is completely dead in my books. They stole from my account 2 weeks ago. I’ve been following up and they keep promising they’ll reverse it. This is a very huge amount. As for me, I will be taking them down. I will make sure they feel my pain 1,000x over. They should just wait for me.

  53. Leslie says:

    Very sorry you endured such an ordeal,I find most banks are just like the one you described.but I pray you got your problem resolved.

  54. Eric K Meredith says:

    Ecobank is money laundering for Citibank. I get a monthly payment from the U.S. Government & they have a contract with Citibank to process these monthly payments for (VA & SSA) living outside the U.S. Boarders. Citibank is illegally borrowing our money without our knowledge or Consent. It is always late & Citibank is profiting each & every day they delay this payments. I bank with Zenith Bank Ghana & Citibank & Zenith Bank have an (A.C.H.) account together just for these payments!!! But Citibank for approx One ,(1) year is sending these funds to Ecobank & extra fees for Laundering these payments. Then Ecobank deposits these funds into Ecobank & Zenith (A.C.H.) Account. This is the meaning of Money Laundering. Even the Ecobank Branch Manager in Sunyani was laughing about this fact. Why is Citibank sending my money to Ecobank when I don’t have an account with Ecobank. This is a crime & Ecobank is well aware they are committing Money Laundering!!! If they will Lauder most ney illegally what other types of crimes will they do???

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